Kuta Lombok

I love it here.
It might be my favorite place on all of my travels.
I really didn't understand it at first, since I got here at night and it's really small.
But it's absolutely beautiful.

I ended up staying a little bit outside of town which is potentially dangerous because people have been hitting tourists down with sticks and robbing them. I don't exactly have anything to rob but I don't want to get hit with a stick. I grabbed this place because it included a scooter for 120000R per day (9 dollars, 70kr) and also breakfast. My friend from Canggu and Gili was meant to come last night and then we'd be paying half of that, he ended up doing a diving certificate instead so I'm not sure when he'll come. That may be the best price I've gotten in all of Asia, though if you add him to the mix other than the drift in Vietnam, but it was so shabby there...


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