These are my last couple workdays before departure. I'm so happy I've done all of my preparation in good time so these last days aren't so hectic. I'm not feeling stressed at all, actually.
What I have left to do:
  • Go by the bank to pick up a second debit card to a new account (in case I lose my one debit card then I'm not screwed) and deposit some money I got for Christmas.
  • Buy like a thousand pounds of dog food, treats, and toys for Bella.
    She's getting groomed today after work so she's clean for her sitters. I'm going to miss her so so so so much :(
  • Call my phone provider to make sure I don't miss any payments while away.
  • Try to figure out how much malaria medication I'm going to need? Everyone is telling me different things...it's frustrating because the medication is supposed to be quite dangerous but I definitely don't want malaria.
  • Spray down all my clothes with DEET which is so the mosquitoes don't bite through my clothes. Most of the diseases you can get are from mosquitoes, and they all sound really horrible. What is up with all the tropical diseases?! 
The weather is still gray and slushy in Stockholm. Last night me and my dad celebrated a combined Christmas, birthday, an farewell dinner at a restaurant called Shahrzad. It's really beautiful inside:

I ate a vegetarian platter and my dad ate lamb-racks! It was really good, I definitely recommend eating there.


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