Whale Sharks and Waterfalls

We all got up at 6.30 and went to the dive center at 7.
We got a group of 6 and went out together to see the whale sharks.
It cost 887P each which is almost 20 dollars. Wooooorth it.
We were out for about 3 hours and there are not guarantees that you will see one.
I got a bit grumpy because the plankton stung my body all over and the day before I got stung by a jellyfish which felt the same so I was going to give up, but at the last dive I decided to go for it and saw it's face right by me then swam with it for about five minutes! It was magical. And huge.

Then we came back to the resort and rested a bit to get ready for the trekking and waterfalls.
I've been to a lot of places now and this was the most interesting and beautiful, not the biggest waterfall but it was lovely having the places all to yourself.

We went to a village in the mountains, apparently they do cockfighting :S

This little bird was so cute, he looked really mad.

They call the coconut tree the tree of life because they can live off only the tree.They build houses with the leaves, eat and drink the coconuts, and make money by drying them out like the picture below to sell to companies to make coconut oil.

I only got pictures of the first small waterfall because the second one you had to swim to to get to. It was really beautiful and it was great to have it all to yourself. There were stalactites like some sort of outdoors cave. So beautiful. 


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