After the night bus that was kind of delux but not really since there weren't any beds, just recliners and really cold A/C, we arrived in Ligaspi. The bus cost about 20 dollars and took 11-13 hours. It was sold out for the next few days when we tried getting tickets, I was about to have a panic but luckily they have stand-by tickets so we ended up getting the seats right up front.
I was thinking about sending my wool socks home, good thing I didn't.
Also, the Vietnamese post is really expensive so if you ever need to send stuff home don't do it there.

Legazpi seemed alright, but we wanted to get to the beach so we just went to check out the volcano and ruins. We took a Jeepme for 10 pesos and then it cost 10 pesos to go in the area. That's about 25C total, so it was cheap. Everything is cheap here for the most part. 1 Philippine Peso is 0.75 Baht so the currency is really weak.

The volcano was covered in clouds so you couldn't even see it.

This is typical Philippine food.
Lots of stew-like stuff.

It costs between 30-40 pesos with rice which is almost a dollar.

It's a very christian place.
Maybe catholic.

Of course there was a basketball course there. The people really love it. I love their singing culture, I've started breaking out in song now too. Everyone sings all the time.


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