Happy 43rd Birthday

Last night, our friends/hosts were dj-ing at a rooftop hostels bar.
Z-hostel, seemed like a really cool place.
There was a dog walking around and you got these futuristic bracelets that you put money on to get drinks. A bit strange, you held it up to an ipad to pay. I have a few pictures on my phone, but not right now. So that was really fun, we went to McDonald's with a danish guy to grub. We all wanted falafel, but we didn't know where it was.

After McDonald's, we got sucked in by some birthday karaoke, people really love their singing here. I remember singing don't speak by no doubt and say my name. I ended up getting Gilbert's birthday cake since I'm turning 25. That was really sweet, haha :) It say's "Happy 34th Birthday Gilbert"

It looked like I was carrying a hat-box home with like a fancy little dress and shoes. It was funny. The cake is good.


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