Got to Hanoi

So I got to Vietnam a couple hours ago.

It took like 40 hours total :(

And the second half was retardedly hot.

Apparently they stick all the westerners in the back of the buss, so we were 10 people stuck back there. If I turned one way I was spooning one stranger and if I turned the other way I was spooning someone else...We all got to be friends so that was nice, now we are all at the same hostel except for two that i hopped in a taxi with that went to a completely different part of town.
I then had to take 3 more taxis to find the right place.
It was frustrating but now that I'm here, it feels a lot better.

This city is like what you would guess an Asian big city would look like.
I thought of like Bangkok mixed with Tokyo.

We'll go eat and grab a couple drinks now.


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