I'm about to take a really bad bus ride...24h and I've heard it's terrible.
And I'm tired and grumpy and hot so that's gonna be cool.
Really grumpy about having to come back to this city I'm in to get my visa and then pay double the price for a bus ticket to Vietnam than if I would have just waited and got my visa in Vang Vieng.
So basically I'll be bussing for like 36 hours and I only have one note of money left that's torn in half...ugh. Anyways.

Yesterdays festival was really weird, I have a couple pictures and videos of the weirdness but not really available now. There were no fireworks, they were just shooting off really big rockets. It was really pretty dangerous, they kept just blowing up instead of going up.

Here we go, got the pictures:
That girl is a ninja legend!

And I'll see if can get the video cause it's fakin faahny:


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