Homeless children sleeping in the streets and cloud of pollution that adds to the dirty, run down buildings.
It looks like slums basically. I hate it, but it's an experience and tomorrow I'm going to a beautiful island called Bohol on my own where there are tiny monkeys. I'm debating on actually booking a room in advance, but then I won't be able to see if I can get a better price...I'm not sure, I'll just think about it. I got wifi in my room so I'm being a little lazy-bum. Not the point of travelling, obviously but I REALLY don't like this place. And I'm all caught up on GOT and Vikings now.
We'll probably go out and sing some karaoke later. The one good thing about this place is that an hour long massage costs 3 dollars. That is a ridiculously low price.

I like halo-halo (above) but sometimes they have like different kinds of beans in it, which I don't like. Kidney beans in dessert is really weird. Been eating a lot of fast food before I go to Indonesia, where I've decided I'm going to be like a vegan health freak and help the worlddddd.

I'm actually extremely excited.
I'll be volunteering with children, still don't have all the details but I'll be living with a yoga teacher as far as I know and I just want to get healthy and relax my last month abroad :)


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