Last night/this morning

We had an awesome night with Laura and Jack.

They bought some adida-max and were matching last night.

Jen, if you're reading this you should find it funny. We were playing a game in Vang Vieng on how many matching couples we could find. I guess the Koreans are into that, I think we got up to like six.
Personally, I think it's kind of awesome.

We ate Pho before we got on the night bus and drank some weird apple wine that was more like moonshine and they kept hooking it up with more but it tasted it burned my whole throat/stomach.

The night bus was like standard, I got stuck in the back where the A/C didn't work but I got a solid 6h sleep. The driver was drunk, all the drivers are you meant to avoid that. What Riz (my english ladies friend that lives here that I got to crash the couch at) said is that all the Vietnamese get drunk early then crash out at 11 when the curfew sets. I believe that is a communist thing to set a curfew for how late things can be open?

This morning when we arrived our friend Walter was here that we met on Koh Chang, Thailand and traveled with in Cambodia. Nice to see him again, he is so hilarious...

He's on one of the random docu-youtube episodes of the trip being a dinosaur in Shianukville.

Here is telling us of a story of the day before when they went to the Master Chef kitchen and got sushi without wasabi, asked for wasabi and didn't understand that it was extremely strong not like home. It was so strong he ended up throwing the Master Chef kitchen. That is funny.

And the chairs are so tiny, he's broken two so now he has to double them up.

 Like so ^
We ate Pho which is noodle soup that cost 30,000 or like 1.50$

A cute bakery:

I want to buy some sneakers today, that's my mission and to fix my wifi on my phone cause I can't log into my bank properly without it and like...snapchat.

In Thailand it was going to cost 100B which is about 3 dollars or 60000D. I think and here it costs one million Vietnamese Dong is what it's called. That's like 46 dollars so...that's a big difference.

I'm kind of confused because Vietnam is meant to be really cheap and somehow I've spent one million dong per day. I don't see how it's possible...but it's okay.

Now we're just catching up at a really nice hostel :D
It's called Hanoi Backpackers Hostel.
I'm sitting next to some Canadians, they wanted me to write that :P



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