The Chocolate Hills

We rented scooters for 400P which is almost ten dollars (we being a german girl I met on the ferry over here and an american guy from the same hostel). Expensive for southeast asia, but apparently a good price for the Philippines. We then went to see the worlds smallest monkey called a tarsier monkey. They were ridiculously adorable but the more I heard about them, the more disappointed I was. They don't cuddle, play, or interact with humans or each other and if a human touches them they get depressed and commit suicide. Tf. Cute tho. It cost 50P (about one dollar) to go into a sanctuary of rescued monkeys.

Then we had lunch on a floating restaurant that cost about 10 dollars. It sounded pricey but I had a good feeling about it and it ended up being an amazing buffé and a unique experience :)

According to local folklore, the chocolate hills are the remains of a giants broken heart.

Apparently nobody can explain the formation of these 700+ hills. It was really hard to get a picture...and it was cloudy.


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