The people in Hanoi

I met some fun girls on the Ha Long Bay tour that I ended up being able to stay at their really nice friends house 'cause I've got this new phobia of bed bugs :S
I heard the hostel I was staying at has them :S:S:S

We ate a really good vietnamese dinner together, I got some pictures but they're on my phone that's falling apart like me ;) seriously, the charger broke, the wifi hasn't worked except one day two weeks ago and now they're trying to charge me 1000X more than they would have in thailand to get it speaker works sometimes in my headphones but that's been getting a bit better so usually they work and now it won't let me move pictures to my computer from the phone. A girl at the hostel gave me a charger that works. I don't know, I just need a better phone...

Got a new USB cord bapbaba:
That's not all the dinner, just the appetisers...still :)

I've had such a sweet tooth ^.^ and I love trying the weird flavoured things they have in Asia. The ice cream flavoured oreos were pretty good actually.  


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