Sa Pa

I took a night bus to Sa Pa last night and of course I run into Helen in Hanoi right before so now we are here together. She is doing good and I guess staying in Vietnam for a while. I booked my ticket to the Philippines yesterday, it was kind of expensive and I think all of it is expensive but now I've booked it and I'll be there for my birthday...unless I go to Indonesia before, but that might be stressy. So that sounds pretty cool actually, being somewhere I have no information what so ever about and turning 25 without anyone I know. Or shit maybe a bit depressing since it's a big birthday, haha. Tearzz, I'm going to make it sweet though and like check into a fancy hotel and pamper myself ;)  it'd be nice to be with family and friends on a big one like that.
I'm missing my friends in Sweden and Texas so much, I love you guys :D
Maybe I'll celebrate a bit here in Vietnam before I go, and if I go to Texas before I go home to Stockholm just have a little celebration everywhere...better <3

Anyways, there is the bus:

It looked pretty jazzy at first, but no it was so uncomfortable and there was a really loud vietnamese speaker by my face with some movie. I slept a bit, but I kept waking up.

Sa Pa is beautiful, I'll rent a scooter today and take some pictures.
We got some noodle soup for breakfast, it was really good and cost 1 pound or like $1.35 or something:

This is the view from our window:

I also found some pictures from Cat Ba island that I'll go ahead and put up. Of course I ran into the people I traveled from Pai to Laos with and was living with. Also the two guys I took the taxi with from the bus to Vietnam were on the Island. Traveling southeast Asia is a weird experience. Everyone is everywhere all the time and even though everyone does similar routes, they are pretty big countries and a lot of them so it feels weird.


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