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Besh wanted me to blog so here I am

My trip started out with a curse. 
Seriously, I don't know who would curse me but someone did lol.
On the way to the airport to drop me off we get in a car accident. This was extremely stressful for everyone involved obviously. Damage to the car, I think I'm going to miss my flight. Nightmare. I made my flight, but the car wasn't as fortunate and that really sucks :(
So on the airplane I noticed a girl walking passed and thought she looked nice, next thing I know she comes back down the aisle and is sitting two seats over with an empty seat in between us. We get to know each other a bit but we've both got sleeping tablets so we're out cold for the 24 hour journey ahead. Other than a stop over in China where Besh has heard that you can sneak into the VIP lounge and get free food. We try without success, I think we looked pretty confused and weren't dressed appropriately. Or maybe it was the curse. 
Once we arrive in Bangkok, we've decided to get a place together…

Two years later and I'm back in Asia

Almost exactly two years since I was starting my first travels through Asia and I'm back again. I had to leave my relationship and all my plans had changed completely from moving to Australia to moving to Chiang Mai and now to traveling Asia again for an undecided amount of time until I end up in Australia. And I'm so happy.