Koh Chang

16000 baht and four days later? That's like almost £400, there's no way I spent that much! I hope I hid some of it in my shoe with the rest of the money in storage...so I'm headed back to an Island I've been to before: Koh Chang. I met a group of lovely Swedish girls that I ended up getting a room with at a really nice hostel. The only problem was how hot it was in the mornings so I was dying to get a different place with A/C. Terry the Korean was pretty real though I never met him, I got to see his business card for his social media when traveling:

A colleague of mine came with her friend and we ended up getting a great little house together at Lonely Beach where the backpackers spend their time. It's turned into way more of a party place in the last two years :/ We went for a night out and drank 10 buckets between 3 people, I'm not really sure what we were thinking but when we woke up someone had thrown up in the sink (LOL) and Radka had changed all her clothes and organized everything neatly when usually you just go to sleep in whatever you're wearing in that state. Neither of us had any strange taste in our mouth in the morning and we have no idea who threw up in the sink. It will forever be a mystery. We all went to a waterfall one day, that was niiiice: 

One day I wanted to have some alone time cause I had been around people non-stop for two weeks and I'm not used to it so I rented a moped and went exploring and found suuuch a nice reggae place with a view:

Then was gonna go take some photos. My camera died before I got to the beach and so I just went for a walk. I thought I saw this guy have a guitar the day before so I asked him if he had one and it wasn't him but he said he needed help with his moped and was really sad so I said I'd help. It just needed gasoline and while we were getting it he told me he's a writer and he's dead inside. That's a pretty intense thing to say to someone you just met! He asked me if I'd keep him company on a moped-ride and I hadn't seen the south side of the island and felt like he needed some cheering up so I went along. It was really nice and we met a girl on the southern beach that was pretty cool and we all went swimming. I hadn't brought any money with me cause I was just gonna take photos and I wanted a coconut when this 14 year old Swedish boy asked me if I could film him on his moped and gave me 60 baht. I said he didn't need to give me money but he said "I have tons of it, take it". Pretty weird...when he left he gave me 20 more baht and said thank you. He shouldn't even have been riding a moped, the whole thing was really random but at least I could get a coconut now haha. This is the sad dude:

Tired of the partying on that part of the island, we went two hours the whole way around the island to Long Beach where there is no wifi and no cell connection. It was heavenly. There was a fat cat:

We rented a kayak boat thing and paddled over to an island called Ko La Yai or something, it was pretty weird there was a huge hotel on it and no people. Then all of a sudden hundreds of Thai tourists came and started taking pictures of us. Paddling back wasn't as fun because the current kept spinning the boat around and I was getting really angry and I was hungry. The last stretch, we just jumped out of the boat and swam into land.

I spent my days there reading, playing guitar, and being creative. They'd just opened a bar called "fuck you bar" and they were all painting it so I was helping paint it. At this point my colleague Hanne and Radka had gone home and Besh had come back. We had a lovely time, then I decided to head off to go to a meditation center by Pattaya.

Last day, last sunset on Koh Chang, I saw a guy I know from Sweden.


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