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Koh Chang

16000 baht and four days later? That's like almost £400, there's no way I spent that much! I hope I hid some of it in my shoe with the rest of the money in I'm headed back to an Island I've been to before: Koh Chang. I met a group of lovely Swedish girls that I ended up getting a room with at a really nice hostel. The only problem was how hot it was in the mornings so I was dying to get a different place with A/C. Terry the Korean was pretty real though I never met him, I got to see his business card for his social media when traveling:

A colleague of mine came with her friend and we ended up getting a great little house together at Lonely Beach where the backpackers spend their time. It's turned into way more of a party place in the last two years :/ We went for a night out and drank 10 buckets between 3 people, I'm not really sure what we were thinking but when we woke up someone had thrown up in the sink (LOL) and Radka had changed all her clothe…