Besh wanted me to blog so here I am

My trip started out with a curse. 

Seriously, I don't know who would curse me but someone did lol.

On the way to the airport to drop me off we get in a car accident. This was extremely stressful for everyone involved obviously. Damage to the car, I think I'm going to miss my flight. Nightmare. I made my flight, but the car wasn't as fortunate and that really sucks :(

So on the airplane I noticed a girl walking passed and thought she looked nice, next thing I know she comes back down the aisle and is sitting two seats over with an empty seat in between us. We get to know each other a bit but we've both got sleeping tablets so we're out cold for the 24 hour journey ahead. Other than a stop over in China where Besh has heard that you can sneak into the VIP lounge and get free food. We try without success, I think we looked pretty confused and weren't dressed appropriately. Or maybe it was the curse. 

Once we arrive in Bangkok, we've decided to get a place together. Besh felt something crawling on her and what do you know, my worst nightmare: BEDBUGS. Cursed. We get endless massages, food, and drinks and generally have a good time. Her friend comes the next day and we spend most of our time in the nicer part of Khaosan that I didn't even know existed until this trip. I went there once but didn't understand where I was at the time. We also went to the water:

..anyways we go clubbing in Bangkok that night and decide it's a really good idea to hide all Besh's money inside my shoe inside my suitcase that I'm putting in storage the next day. Why in the world would we think that of all places would be a good hiding spot!? 

We get to the first club and it's basically completely empty with a huge stage/dance floor in the middle of the room where me and Besh spend a lot of time dancing it up. When this club closed we asked some Thai girl to take us to another club which we have to take an elevator to get into. I think it was a half-built hotel or something, it was a really bizarre place like most clubs in Bangkok.

I get up in the morning and start my 3 hour journey in finding the storage place, I've got one word wrong in the area I need to go to so after I've taken a tuk-tuk and two boats I find this piece of information out. Really hot and hung over I ask all these Thai people how I'm meant to get to the right area. It's really far away and I start following their instructions of taking the sky-line and everyone is telling me different things. So now I've gone too far and have to go back to a different station to change to the underground and the place I'm going to is closing in 15 minutes. In a panic, I jump on a motorbike taxi with a freaking suitcase and ask him to call the place to stay open for me because now they're closing in 5mins. Everything was fine, I at least got my suitcase dropped off and he said he could drive me back to Khaosan for a good price. It ended up taking 1,5h to drive back I guess I was really far away. When we finally got back I realize I don't have enough cash (somehow I spent a ridiculous amount of money in two days, either lost it or it got stolen I think) and need to go to an ATM. My cards expired, when does that EVER happen!? So I have to go to my hotel and get my other card which I leave in the machine after getting money out and I don't end up finding the card again. So now I have 0 cards and all of Besh's money she had with her for the journey is in my shoe 1,5h away. It's kind of funny, kind of sad. That whole day all of the food we got was terrible too. Thank goodness for the internet, all of these issues are solvable but what the hell.

Besh ended up going up north and then coming to meet me on Koh Chang later and asked me to blog my trip and it sounded like a good idea, so here I am.


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